Au travers de stages et d’activités régulières variées, et en nous appuyant sur un pool d’experts et de champions, notre but est de permettre à tout le monde de découvrir et de goûter à notre monde.

Plongez dans l’univers du sport de haut-niveau et empruntez les innombrables passerelles qui existent entre vous et nous!

Suggestions, information, reservation : [:en]Through varied camps and regular activities, and relying on experts and a pool of champions, our goal is  to allow participants to discover and experience how athletes live and prepare, in order to get inspiration for their personal and professional life.

If the word ‘‘Academy’’ scares you, don’t worry! Our aim is not to create champions… Our academy is different in that we focus on the sharing of experience rather than on raw teaching.

Sports is a kind of a school for life. We can see that the strict requirements, which have guided our own carreers to help us perform, apply perfectly well also to our every-day lifes, with or without sport. Performing in sports have a lot in common with perforing in our daily life.

With Zecamp Academy, immerse yourself in the life of world-class athletes and experience all the links between you and us!

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