Training camps

Through varied camps and regular activities, and relying on experts and a pool of champions, our goal is  to allow participants to discover and experience how athletes live and prepare, in order to get inspiration for their personal and professional life.

Customized events

Events and camps in the Vercors – just for you

In addition to our pre-packaged events and sports camps we are happy to work with you to define tailored events that perfectly fit your needs.

Sports Teams

You belong to a sport club, you are a group of more than eight people and you would like to practice in the Vercors’ area ?

No matter what sport you practice, ZECAMP welcomes you and we provide you with advice and networking to create your training camp at its best.

For your custom-made camp: 


Sports and enterprises have a lot in common

Our concerns are the same, only the language differs.

Offering yourself the experience of  Zecamp is opting for something different and unique. With a program and activity leaders carefully chosen to give you a customized event directly answering your concerns. And this in an exceptional environment.

Perfect for team-building and giving new breath to both teams and projects !

Together we'll share our experince to move forwards!

 For further information and preparation of a detailed offer: